Deeper Dive in the Dharma: The Awakening Factor of Equanimity, May 24, 2023


Weekly ExplorationEvery Wednesday evening, our Lakeland Insight Meditation Group (LIMG) delves into the teachings of the Satipatthana Sutta, exploring the four foundations of mindfulness. This week, we ventured further into the fourth foundation, focusing on mindfulness of dhammas (mental processes). Thus far, our journey has encompassed an examination of the five hindrances, the five aggregates, and the six senses. Our current focus is on the seven factors of awakening, having already explored the first six: mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, and concentration. The initial trio—investigation, energy, and joy—tend to energize us, while the latter trio—tranquility, concentration, and equanimity—encourage a calming of energy. [...]