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Deeper Dive into the Dharma with Andy – Right Effort – 10/25/2023


Notes The Noble Eightfold Path Wise View Wise Intention Wise Speech Wise Action Wise Livelihood Wise Effort Wise Mindfulness Wise Concentration Definition of Wise Effort Consistently focusing attention on the present moment. Clearly observing every experience. Gaining insight into the nature of reality with Wise View and Wise Intention. Motivation for Right Effort Spiritual urgency is the driving force. This urgency is deepened by understanding impermanence. Reflect on the inevitability of death, both our own and that of others. Reflection Question Have you ever pondered the fact that everyone you know will [...]

Deeper Dive into the Dharma with Andy – Right Effort – 10/25/20232023-10-30T16:28:46-04:00

Deeper Dives in the Dharma with Roxy – Video: Right Livelihood – Dharma Talk from 10/18/2023


The Reading by Ben Talaputa Sutta: To Talaputa the Actor From Access to Insight On one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Rajagaha in the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrel's Sanctuary. Then Talaputa, the head of an acting troupe, went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, having bowed down to him, sat to one side. As he was sitting there he said to the Blessed One: "Lord, I have heard that it has been passed down by the ancient teaching lineage of actors that 'When an actor on the stage, in the midst of a [...]

Deeper Dives in the Dharma with Roxy – Video: Right Livelihood – Dharma Talk from 10/18/20232023-10-27T17:25:45-04:00

10/18/2023 Sangha Notes


10/16/2023 Sangha Notes Speech, Action, Livelihood: The Essence of KindnessAjiva:The Foundation of LivelihoodDerived from the term signifying 'sustenance' or 'support'.Ajiva is broader than one's career; it delves deep into what truly sustains our existence.Samma Ajiva is the term used for “Right Livelihood”Reflections on Integrating with the WorldMonetary Flow and Support: Understanding where our money goes is essential. With every penny we spend, whom and what are we supporting?Origins and Ethics: The commodities we procure – do we know their source? And once they're in our possession, do we utilize them in line with dharma?Dharma:Living with Justice and [...]

10/18/2023 Sangha Notes2023-10-16T22:29:34-04:00

Teaching Reflections – On Right Speech – October 4th, 2023


Introduction: Right Speech in the Eightfold Path Buddhism emphasizes the cultivation of wisdom, ethical conduct, and mental discipline. One of the core teachings that encompasses these principles is the Noble Eightfold Path, a guide to ethical and mental development leading to enlightenment and cessation of suffering. Within this Eightfold Path, "Right Speech" (Samma Vaca) is an essential aspect of ethical conduct. It represents the commitment to speak truthfully, kindly, and helpfully. The Buddha emphasized that words have the power to heal or harm, to uplift or destroy, making it vital to choose them with care. [...]

Teaching Reflections – On Right Speech – October 4th, 20232023-10-07T00:35:24-04:00
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