Speech, Action, Livelihood: The Essence of Kindness


The Foundation of Livelihood

Derived from the term signifying ‘sustenance’ or ‘support’.

Ajiva is broader than one’s career; it delves deep into what truly sustains our existence.

Samma Ajiva is the term used for “Right Livelihood”

Reflections on Integrating with the World

Monetary Flow and Support:

Understanding where our money goes is essential. With every penny we spend, whom and what are we supporting?

Origins and Ethics: The commodities we procure – do we know their source?

And once they’re in our possession, do we utilize them in line with dharma?


Living with Justice and Integrity

It embodies the spirit of righteous living:

Does our action harm or benefit others?

Is what we’re doing helpful and healthy?

The Pursuit of Freedom through Right Living

Our life’s purpose should be geared towards promoting freedom, for ourselves and for others.

Right livelihood inevitably begets right consequences.


More than Just Currency

Money is not merely a medium of exchange; it represents value.

Every time we spend, we’re setting a motion in the world, a spin – positive or negative.

The Buddha’s Teachings on Wrong Livelihood

Buddha enumerated five trades to abstain from, each associated with harm:


  • Weapons: Instruments of violence and conflict.
  • Human Beings: The abhorrent act of slavery or trafficking.
  • Meat: Promoting the taking of life.
  • Intoxicants: Substances causing delusion or harm.
  • Poison: Agents of death and suffering.

Such trades induce a ‘negative spin’, leading to harm and adversity.

A Profound, Personal Journey

The ultimate introspection: Am I living for the welfare of the world?

It’s vital to approach this question not from a place of judgment or punishment but as a path to spiritual evolution and growth.