Our Collection of Pre-Recorded Guided Meditations

This is a guided mindfulness of the body meditation. This meditation will scan the body for sensations, maintaining attention on the body and awareness of sensations. Body scan meditations are excellent for managing the proliferation of thinking, or the exaggeration of pain or emotions. Mindfulness, or Sati in the language at the time of the Buddha is both a practice and a quality of the mind.

This is a guided Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation practice. Mindfulness is a special type of awareness, training the mind to see experience clearly and intimately in the present moment. We are practicing an awareness to be non judgmental and observing. This style of meditation practice is training the mind to discern what is suffering. We then let go of suffering and come back to the freedom of mindfulness.

Imagine that your breath contains healing energy and allow it to flow all through your body, healing both your body and mind. This meditation includes two separate one minute silences.

In this meditation we imagine shooing away pests from the flowers on our fruit tree. The Pests represent thoughts that interfere with our meditative concentration which is represented by the flower. If we keep the mind free from thoughts (the little bugs), our mind will flower and fruit into meditative bliss.

Imagine that heavenly beings are sending you good health through beautifully colored lights and nectars. This meditation includes 2 minutes of silence.

Truly an expansive meditation that allows you to feel completely at peace. This meditation includes deep relaxation and two minutes of silence. After you get comfortable meditating, this is a most powerful one.

This meditation is helpful to release negative emotions and to replace them with positive healing energy. You can focus on releasing many old patterns of negativity or concentrate on an old painful memory that you’d like to release. The choice of how you approach a meditation is always yours. But be sure to allow the healing positive light into your heart, filling in the empty space left after the negative emotions are gone.

In this meditation, we consider how to bless ourselves using our breath. By connecting the breath with our focus on virtuous actions represented by our daily thoughts, words and deeds, we can become mindful, aware, of our actions and give deep blessings to ourselves.

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